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Séjour de Risa - Du 9 au 15 janvier 2023

Risa à la pâtisserie

Témoignage de Risa :


Bonjour à tout le monde, I have just returned from my stay with Hélène and family. This is my SECOND visit and that pretty much says it all!! Hélène is a wonderful teacher, guide, and host. But what is most important, it is obviously that she loves her job and sincerely wants to make the experience special….. and my visit was special. She works hard and makes it look effortless. I have met a wonderful teacher and believe I can call Hélène my friend. Merci mille fois ❤️ Risa BROOKLYN, NY

Risa en famille et ami

Risa aux Petites cantines - confection de pâtes

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