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Welcome to Lyon, welcome
at home!

Your immersive stay with a French family

sejour immersion linguistique

© Drawing Solène 2018

Learn French with us in Lyon



My name is Hélène. I was born near Paris where I grew up and studied. I first graduated in German, then I discovered the teaching of FLS / FLE (French as a Second Language or French as a Foreign Language) which fascinated me.

Since 2003, I have taught French to foreign students in private language schools in Lyon, and also to migrants. For 5 years, I also taught French to allophone students in public schools to help them progressively integrate into regular classes.

But since May 2019, for my greatest pleasure, I have been welcoming students for a French immersion stay at home. I like to share our daily life with our guests, teach them our language and let them discover the many attractions of Lyon.


My partner, Laurent, and I moved to Lyon several years ago. Our two daughters were born in Lyon. Manon enjoys reading, drawing, painting, rock climbing and horseback riding. Solène plays the piano and is passionate about cinema, music and Asian languages. She is a fan of Jackie Chan movies and loves K-pop, J-pop.


Laurent and I love biking and horseback riding, hiking with our dog Kickass, kayaking, reading and meeting our many friends. We like spending time and having fun with them (going for a drink in a cafe, eating out, going to concerts, having barbecues and picnics ..). We also like going whenever we can to our little country house in Ardèche, 1h30 from Lyon by car.


Finally, the four of us are interested in foreign languages ​​and we like discovering other cultures through our travels or our meetings. Our level in English is not perfect, but we always do our best to communicate with foreigners. Laurent and I speak German and Portuguese well. Manon speaks Italian well and Solène has been learning Japanese on her own for a few years and begins to learn Mandarin at school.

My family and I would be very happy to open our door to you and share a little of our life with you. We would also be delighted to meet you and share with you some happy, truly sincere and hopefully unforgettable moments.

See you soon,


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Please write me a detailed message regarding
your stay or your online courses

1. Your language study holiday in Lyon

  • Say whether you are travelling alone or with friends/family (and if so, the number of people simply staying with us or also taking courses and a little more about them).

  • Specify the length of your desired immersion stay and whether you are flexible about immersion dates.

  • Give some information about yourself: the country you live in, your hobbies, your objective for learning French, the type of immersion you would like (little or a lot of homework, outdoor activities or more indoors), any food allergies or other problems you might have.

2. Your online French courses

  • Give some information about yourself: your aim in learning French, your needs, your expectations, where you live.

  • Say when you are available (French time), how often you would like to have lessons and when you would like to start.

    Knowing a bit more about you from the outset would be really useful and a huge time saver, thank you!

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