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Séjour de Louraine - Du 20 au 27 mai 2019

Au pied de la majestueuse basilique Notre-dame de Fourvière

Témoignage de Louraine :


My week in Lyon with Helene and her family was absolutely wonderful. Helene is an excellent teacher and quickly assessed my strengths and many weaknesses in French language abilities and tailored her lessons to address my needs. She was infinitely patient with me and I feel like I really advanced my skills.

My learning also included extensive touring of the very lovely city of Lyon with Helene as my delightful guide where I had the opportunity to see and hear French in action.

Helene and her family welcomed me with open arms and I immediately felt like a member of the family. The accommodations were lovely and the food was divine.

Living in a home with the French language all around me made it truly an immersion experience. My only regret was having to leave. I cannot wait to return!

Dîner en famille avec Louraine

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