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Cours de français en ligne - Patrick (depuis avril 2020)


Témoignage de Patrick :


Bonjour !  Je suis Patrick des Etats-Unis.

I have been studying French now for 5 or so years.  Books, on line programs, tutors, meeting groups, apps, and even two immersion programs in France.  All has been great.

5 years ago I was wanting to work abroad in Paris as I work for a large French company.  Not sure that this is my goal now, but who knows.  

But what I do know is that I really enjoy studying French, and look forward to the next time I can get over there to vacation/ live/ stay in an immersion program of some sort.

I have been talking with Helene over zoom, one hour per week.  It is working fantastic !  All we do is talk about our daily lives while she takes great notes. Along the way, new words, idioms, pronunciation problems come up. She has offered to give me exercises to do, but I am worn out with exercises :-).  All I want to do is practice speaking and conversation.  

She makes it very easy to speak without any sort of apprehension. 

I really recommend Helene !

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