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French immersion - 02/ 2024

What if, like Brian, you had a language immersion experience in France?

Brian in Les Petites Cantines - Cream puff making!

Brian's immersion stay - February 15 to 21, 2024


I am happy to write a (rare for me) review of the great week of French immersion I had with Hélène and her family. I really appreciated Hélène's positive energy and desire to make me feel welcomed and at ease. I was a bit nervous and not quite sure what to expect, as I was coming from only 3 years of high school French (many many years ago) but Hélène did a great job adapting to my level. Each morning we had 3 hours of French lessons (just about the right amount before my brain felt "full") and then most afternoons we would go out exploring Lyon (often with Hélène as tour guide and photographer). Each evening we would return and I would get a chance to decompress for a few hours while Hélène would make some truly amazing food. The evenings were also a great chance to interact with her family. Her husband "Lolo" seems like a great guy, who I would happily grab a beer with any day to talk about all of his various interests, and their daughter was charming and amazingly unfazed at having a guest for dinner each night.

This really was a great way to improve my French, explore Lyon, enjoy some amazing home cooked food and get to feel like a welcomed guest with a cool French family. Highly recommended

Brian and I, at the confluence of the Saône and Rhône rivers

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