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Learn French with me

French Lessons
with Hélène,
how is it?


My methodology is based above all on my listening to your needs, your objectives and your areas of interest. Then, I try to offer you varied activities, adapted to your level and tailor-made according to your expectations.

I mainly like to suggest that you work from authentic documents which, if possible, also have a cultural interest.

Making you appreciate my language, the French language, is my priority. I won't hide its difficulties from you, but I will do my best to make it more accessible and help you understand it better.

The basis of a successful learning will also rest a lot on the quality of our exchanges, of our conversations from which we will work. We will then be able to really target the linguistic objectives according to your needs.

For this, trust will be the key. This is why I am committed to putting you at ease and making you feel good.

You cannot travel?

This is for you!

Photo Online Course.jpg

You can't travel? I suggest that you continue your project of learning French by choosing the option of distance learning!

At the frequency of your choice, simply meet us via a virtual room. You will find that physical distance does not preclude close relationships and trust sets in very quickly.


Thus, in the same way as in face-to-face, we can work on all the skills, both oral and written, according to your needs and your interests as well. Between each session, you can find the written traces shared via an online document, with the grammar and vocabulary points covered or the work on pronunciation, the work supports (online resources or others).

Single price: 45 euros/ hour

Get in touch with me using the form below!

You do not know your level in French? Test yourself! Here the link:



Please write me a detailed message regarding
your stay or your online courses

1. Your stay

  • Please tell us if you are traveling alone or with friends/ family (and if so, how many people will be staying with us and/ or also taking classes. Please tell us a little more about them).

  • Specify the duration of your desired immersion stay and whether you are flexible on the immersion dates.

  • Give some information about yourself: the country where you live, your hobbies, your goal of learning French, the type of immersion you want (little / a lot of homework, outdoor activities or more indoors ), food allergies or other problems you may have.

2. Your online courses

  • Give some information about yourself: your goal of learning French, your needs, your expectations, in which country you live.

  • Say what your availability is (French time), the frequency of the lessons you want and from when you want to start the lessons.

Knowing a little more about yourself from the start would be really helpful and a huge time saver, thanks!

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