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Séjour de Schuyler - Du 9 au 15 mai 2022

Schuyler dans le Vieux-Lyon

Témoignage de Schuyler :


My week with Hélène and her family was a real joy and a great challenge to really level up my familiarity with the language and get outside of my comfort zone. From the moment I met Hélène and each member of her family, I felt welcomed and comfortable. They do a great job to put you at ease, despite how overwhelming it can be to be in a stranger's home even when you do speak the same language. Everybody was patient and accommodating and Hélène did a great job at recognizing when I needed a break or some space. The lessons were tailored to my needs and I have no doubt that everybody has the same experience that I did with Hélène as a teacher, regardless of their level.

Lyon was a great environment for an immersion. We began our first day with a leisurely bike ride around the city, which was awesome for understanding the geography and also good to scope out in advance what excursions and activities would be fun. We ended up riding bikes several times, which I really enjoyed and highly recommend to everyone.

The food was incredible, and kept me full enough that I generally only ate two meals a day. Dinner was always elaborate and tasty (and concluded with a cheese course). Hélène is a great cook and spending time with the family is another fantastic opportunity to work on using the language (even if I didn't understand much of what was said). I hope to return someday soon, thanks so much, Hélène!!!

Jardin du Rosaire - Fourvière

Balade à vélo

Les cours de français, en toute détente

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