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Séjour de Risa - Du 5 au 12 décembre 2021

Risa et Kickass - Gros câlin =)

Témoignage de Risa :


Dear Helene,

I had a wonderful time with you and your family. I was so surprised and grateful to be surrounded by your warm and welcoming family. I was so nervous. I was going to live with a group of people I didn’t know and didn’t know me!!! But after meeting you and the family I was instantly comfortable. What a relief!

The classes were fun as well as challenging. You are an expert language teacher. I’m a teacher so I can tell when I am with a person who enjoys her work. But not only are you an expert instructor, I enjoyed fantastic meals, certainly way above average I enjoyed our tours of the city. Lyon is a beautiful city and La Fete des Lumières was absolutely magical.

Thank you Hélène. I enjoyed my stay so much. I hope to return and visit with you and your family again soon.

My very warm regards to you all and a happy and healthy 2022. À la prochaine... <3

Soir de fête des Lumières à Lyon !

Cathédrale Saint-Jean sous les feux des projecteurs

Illumination le long des quais du Rhône

Lyon by night ! <3

Jardin du Rosaire au pied de Notre-Dame de Fourvière

Terrine de poisson - Mmmmmm...

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