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Séjour de Richard - Du 6 au 12 mars 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Témoignage de Richard :


My one-week immersion course with Hélène was amazing! She is a great instructor who is patient and kind, but also very disciplined. You will learn a lot during the actual course as well as during meals and cultural excursions. Her family is very nice as well, and you will feel comfortable there. And don’t miss out on dinner. Hélène is an excellent cook who excels at both the main course and the desert. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be in the right place! The accommodations are clean and comfortable, and you will have enough privacy considering you are in a household. And then there’s Lyon itself. The second largest city in France and an ancient one at that, Lyon is a sight to behold. Unspoiled by tourism, Lyon offers the ultimate French experience. You will truly be in a foreign country when you are there. You will be in France proper! Though it has postcard quality areas like Vieux Lyon and Presque ’Île, Lyon is a sprawling high-rise city with a pharmacy and a school seemingly on every corner, a robust public transit system, a booming population of locals, and bakeries jam packed with the best bread and pastries in the world! Lyon is big and it feels big, and Hélène knows the city like the back of her hand. You will have a wonderful time being part of the crowd heading here and there, so make sure you get a three-day Metro pass and put on your hiking boots. You’ll need them if you want to keep up with Hélène. Trust me! And the city is safe and clean, too. While Lyon is a worthy metropolis, Hélène will easily be the heart and soul of your journey to France. She is a true treasure, well loved by her family and her students. It will be difficult for you to leave when the course ends. I highly recommend it!

Fourvière et son panorama

Les dingos sont de sortie ! =)


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