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Séjour de Patrick et Barbara - Du 18 au 24 novembre 2019

Patrick et Barbara <3

Témoignage de Patrick :


I just came back from a great week in France ! I landed at Charles de Gaulle at 8:00 am on a Saturday, took a taxi to our Hotel ( Hotel Louis 2 in the 6th arrondissement ) and then spent two days seeing the sights in Paris. Monday am, we took the TGV from the Gare de Lyon in Paris to Gare Part Dieu in Lyon where Helene picked us up inside the train station ( I took my wife with me on this trip ).

We then spent the next seven days eating breakfast and lunch together, and doing French lessons ( she is very flexible to doing what you want and need ) in between. We had two trips…one was a sightseeing walk along the banks of the Rhone, and the other was a drive into to country to see some small French villages.

On Sunday morning Helene drove us to Gare Part Dieu where we took a train to Charles de Gaulle to fly home. Overall an awesome experience, Helene and her husband Laurent couldn’t have been more accommodating. Her cooking was excellent, first rate authentic French food with lots of French pastries and bread. I was a big fan of pain au chocolat.

I know my French improved…speaking 6-8 hours a day can only make you better ! My wife slept in late every day as she was not interested in any French lessons, but she did eat with us and felt very comfortable the whole time. Each night we went out to dinner on our own, seeing sights along the way like Place Bellecour, Vieux Lyon, Notre Dame, Museum of the Resistance etc.The Christmas market was a neat visit as well as the festival in town of the Nouveau Beaujolais !

I highly recommend this homestay… when can I get back ?

Cours de français en mode détente

Visite des villages aux pierres dorées dans le Beaujolais

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