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Séjour de Michael & Anna - Du 1er au 7 octobre 2021

Anna et Michael

Témoignage de Michael :


If you are reading this, chances are you love all things French. If that’s the case, you will not want to miss spending some time learning French with Hélène and her adorable family in one of the true gems of France: Lyon. My daughter and I are from the United States and had been studying French for several years, her in school and me on my own. We each had varying levels of success and frustrations, but we refused to get discouraged. The next step was to take our learning to the next level with an immersion experience. We chose Hélène in Lyon thinking it would be good, based on many positive reviews, but Wow! It was absolutely amazing! It was the highlight of our trip to France. We were greeted with such genuine warmth by Hélène and her family that we immediately felt comfortable living in someone else’s house. Laurent, her husband, was fun, witty and engaging. Her two daughters, Manon and Solène, were charming and friendly. And Kickass is that awesome kind of dog you wish you could take home with you (Solène said ‘no way!’). Hélène is a born teacher and her teaching ability is superb. She is one of those teachers that, if you’re lucky, you have the experience of having once or twice in your life. She is extremely smart and knows how to identify your level and cater her lessons accordingly, while pushing you without being overwhelming, and ensuring that you see your success and progress. Equally important, she is also very patient, encouraging and non-judgmental. She puts you at ease so that you can summon your courage, leave behind your inhibitions and just ‘go for it.’ You inevitably make lots of mistakes (or at least we did), but she helps you see these as the learning experiences they are and not something to be feared or ashamed of. I think the reason Hélène is such a good teacher is because she genuinely enjoys teaching and loves seeing the progress of her students. Hélène also knows Lyon like the back of her hand and we so enjoyed our personal guide to so much of what Lyon has to offer. We saw Lyon in a way that regular tourists don’t and it was such a treat! Memories of riding bicycles along the Rhone and Soane with my daughter will be forever etched in my mind. Hélène is also a phenomenal cook and we ate like kings. Thank you Hélène for an unforgettable experience in Lyon!

Un peu de pluie ne nuit pas !

La Confluence, là où Saône et Rhône se mêlent gentiment...

Superbe immersion dans l'univers et la vie incroyable de Saint-Exupéry, enfant de Lyon

Balade à vélo entre Rhône et Saône

Repas familial en bien sympathique compagnie <3

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