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Séjour de Matthew - Du 12 au 16 août 2019

Dîner au jardin

Témoignage de Matthew :


I stayed with Hélène and her family for one week last August. It was a very enriching and memorable experience.

Hélène is a very experienced teacher. She knows how to speak clearly and slowly to French students and explain difficult concepts and words in simple French. Working with her was very helpful because I was able to improve my speaking confidence and my ability to understand the spoken language.

Moreover she is a very generous host and she is more than willing to show you around the city of Lyon. I particularly liked how she arranged our excursions based on my interests.

Lastly, staying with Hélène is not only a great way to learn French and explore the fascinating city of Lyon but it is a way to be immersed in French culture. By staying in her house with her husband and two daughters I got an amazing opportunity to experience the life of a French family. Hélène's husband and daughters are also very hospitable and they also enjoy helping you learn.

Overall I had a great time and I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking an immersion in French language and culture.

Balade à vélo et pique-nique au parc de la Tête d'Or

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