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Séjour de Laura - Du 8 au 14 octobre 2022

Laura & Kickass

Témoignage :


I spent one wonderful week with Hélène and her lovely family and truly had the time of my life!! Hélène is so warm and welcoming and kind and so are her husband and family. I ate some of the best meals I’ve ever had at her home, and I had wonderful conversations throughout. My French proficiency exploded because of the time that she spent with me and her patience in teaching me nuances in the language. You truly get to hear all ‘registres’ of French at her home which I love. I learned tons of expressions, slang, standard French, formal words, etc. My experience was so very rich! I can’t recommend this experience enough- her family puts you right at ease and you feel completely at home. I would repeat this experience in a heartbeat!

Au théâtre

Atelier cuisine

Les fofolles de sortie !

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