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Séjour de Kendall & Ireland - Du 7 au 20 juillet 2021

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Kendall & Ireland <3

Témoignage de Kendall et Ireland :


Coucou !!

Merci beaucoup de nous avoir (reçues) ! Nous avons passé un moment formidable ! Merci de nous avoir ouvert votre maison et pour votre hospitalité !

Nous avons adoré les musées et l'Ardèche ! Merci de nous avoir enseigné. Nous allons vous envoyer un e-mail si nous avons besoin d'aide. Merci de nous avoir faire partie de ta famille pendant ces deux semaines.

Merci beaucoup !

Bisous !!

Ireland & Kendall

P.- S. : Nous avons aimé Kickass !! <3 <3

Témoignage d’Ireland :


I had the opportunity to stay with Hélène and her family for two weeks this past July with my best friend. When we arrived in Lyon from Atlanta, and we were welcomed by Hélène’s smiling face. Every day was filled with fun french lessons, trips to museums around Lyon, and fabulous food (Hélène and Lolo are amazing chefs)! They welcomed us into their home and treated us as if they had known us forever. We got to see the fireworks on Bastille Day, and we even went on a weekend trip to their country house in Ardèche. I always felt loved and taken care of in my time there, and I would give anything just to spend one more hour with them in their home. The French lessons in the morning were challenging, but Hélène always made them enjoyable. My vocabulary, which was minimal before I left, grew a lot. My friend and I were on very different levels of French, and she was still able to teach us both. We practiced our conversational skills at dinner time with Lolo, Hélène, and their two daughters Manon and Solène. We even found ourselves in our room at night learning new vocab. Hélène and her family were more than hospitable. We went hiking, horseback riding, biking around Lyon, and we even went to the top of the Fourvière basilica. This time with her family didn’t just increase my French skills, it increased my knowledge of French culture, and it gave me friends an ocean away. I will forever and always be appreciative of Hélène, Lolo, Manon, and Solène. They have really and truly given me a memorable experience in Lyon. Thank you so much Ling family!! Coucou!!


Découverte de Lyon à vélo, avec Manon !

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

3 heures de cours par jour... C'est intensif !

Moment de détente...

Pause détente au lac de Miribel

Pique-nique au bord de la rivière - Ardèche

Et un petit tour sur les chemins ardéchois avec notre Ultime, notre si gentil cheval...

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