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Séjour de Francesca - Du 13 au 26 janvier 2020

Soirée fanfare ! Yeahhhh !!

Témoignage de Francesca :


I spent two incredible weeks with Hélène and her family in Lyon. As a thirty year old professional optometrist from California, I was able to take off some time from work to dedicate myself to my French learning.

Not only did I receive professional one on one French lessons from Hélène, but the days were filled with speaking French with her family, her friends and neighbors, and people from the city as we went around to all the local sights and museums.Hélène and her amazing family went above and beyond for me.

We shared amazing home cooked French meals, discussions in French, and outings that were typical of the cultural city life in Lyon. The accommodations were more than comfortable with the private room and bathroom. I was always included and never felt alone.

The family was more than welcoming and kind. My French improved dramatically, as hardly any English was spoken. What a great way to be forced to practice your French and get over your fears!

LYON and Hélène and her family were warm and vibrant. We spent the afternoons walking the city and visiting museums, and evenings going to concerts, local bars, and enjoying the best home cooked French food.

I highly recommend this immersion program. It was a memory of a lifetime!

Thank you Hélène!!

Câlin avec Kickass

Cours dans un café, ça change !

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