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Updated: Feb 13

Want to make progress in French? Do it like David!

Visit to the Lyon Opera

Choose a French immersion with my family in Lyon!

David's homestay - January 2024 5 to 11


This was my first experience of a French immersion course after a long interval since formal learning. Firstly Hélène and Lolo make their visitors very welcome, in comfortable accommodation, which retains enough privacy despite being located within their city apartment. Hélène is an excellent cook with a variety of tasty and substantial evening meals. Hélène is also a patient, organised and experienced teacher, receptive to a customised programme.

A major advantage of living within the apartment is the enhanced opportunities to chat with the family in the mornings and evenings. Finally Hélène accompanied me on most cultural visits which enriched them enormously. She is very generous with her time and I found her company comfortable and convivial. Lyon is my kind of city, and getting to know it well was a real pleasure.

Je reviendrai. Merci Hélène et Lolo.

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