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Cours de français en ligne - Helen & Anthony (depuis novembre 2020)

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Témoignage d'Helen et de Tony :


We are an Australian couple who found ourselves in London during restrictions and lockdowns wanting to improve our French, particularly our comprehension and conversation. Hélène came highly recommended through a friend of ours, a retired teacher.

Unable to meet in person or have the full immersion experience, we separately met on Zoom with Hélène on a regular basis.

She is an excellent teacher, very meticulous with a warm personality that put us both at ease right from the start.

She constantly checked with us whether her classes were meeting our needs.

She used video and audio clips to help us achieve our goals, starting with material that introduced us to Lyon, and left us a desire to visit one of France’s most beautiful cities.

The themes and the language of the material became more diverse and complex as we progressed.

We have recently arrived in France, where our daughter lives, and are using our French on a daily basis. My trips to the market, once a little intimidating, have become really enjoyable. In a social setting too we are both more comfortable to contribute to the conversation around the table.

Our French classes with Hélène have been a real pleasure.

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